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Submit Artwork, Logos, or other Files

What file format do you require? 

Short answer, it all depends! However we generally prefer VECTORIZED (vector) artwork.  Acceptable formats include: .AI .EPS & .PDF  If you’re not sure, send us the files  and we can let you know.  CONVERTING a jpeg using online conversion tools and/or performing ‘Save As’ from a jpeg to .pdf simply DOES NOT WORK
Vectorized art, or workable means any designer can modify the points and paths…flattened art or JPEGs cannot be modified without rebuilding the file from scratch which is time consuming and therefore expensive. 

There are times when Rasterized images are acceptable or needed. Made up of millions of little dots like in a photograph, a rasterized image can only get so large before it gets pixelated and you can see the dots! A Vector image uses lines and complex math so that no matter what size you change the image remains crisp.

Logos should always be sent in vector format and are usually saved as .AI, .EPS or .PDF file format. Photographs (Rasterized images) should be at 150-300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) and saved as .jpg/.jpeg, .psd, .psb, or .tiff; other formats NOT accepted are .png, .gif, or .bmp

Send us your files!

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