Gadget Fix Ambulance Wrap

Gadget Fix is your premier, one stop location offering repair services for most portable gadgets, while also providing services such as Dish and DirecTV.  They have stores in Bozeman, MT and Portland, OR and are working on other locations as well in the upper Northwest.

Gadget Fix purchased this ambulance in great condition.  Their idea is to provide a mobile repair service for all sorts of portable gadgets.  This vehicle will be at any/all events in the Seattle, Washington area so keep an eye out if you need a screen fixed or game console serviced.  The conversion of the older blue and yellow ambulance to the new red and white was an extensive process but our qualified installation team here at SCS Wraps got the job done!

The finished product is a 180 degree facelift and this thing is sure to catch the eye of all that see it on the road or parked at an event.  If you are interested in converting a unique vehicle into a full-blown service vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact SCS Wraps today! or 406-585-2635.

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