Jolt CPR Trailer Wrap

Jolt CPR is a company based in Bozeman, MT that offers CPR, AED and First Aid instruction for both healthcare providers and workplace settings.  Their business is expanding and they are teaching these valuable medical practices all over.  They have a trailer used for transporting their equipment, etc. to training’s.  They wanted to expand their marketing efforts and decided a trailer wrap was a very cost-effective, efficient solution.  Our team at SCS Wraps worked closely with their owners to develop a classy, professional look.  Their logo was actually hand painted.  So, our team was able to re-design it in the same style so that it had that look.  Overall, this trailer is a powerful tool for this small business and we know it is going to greatly improve their reach and build the business for years to come.  Whether it is smaller trailers like this or large semis, the team at SCS Wraps has the knowledge, experience, and quality to handle your project from A-Z.  Contact us today for a quote! or 855-727-9727.



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