“MAJESTIC” truck wrap for Majesty Riding

Majesty Riding Co. is a local Montana action sports clothing company started by Kellen Pierson and his brother. Kellen contacted us back in May to let us know that he was wanting to wrap his new company vehicle sometime toward the end of June. He had a lot of great ideas in mind and when it came time to put those ideas into his unique design SCS and Kellen delivered. This brand new Dodge Ram Pickup is just straight MEAN looking! What a transformation this wrap has made on his new truck. Personally, we all feel that this could be one of the best looking wraps we have done yet. Kellen was so pumped when he came by to pick it up. When I say, ‘so pumped’, I mean that he wanted to hug us all for the work haha.

Keep your eyes peeled around the region for Kellen and his crew. They have got a lot of great ideas and are passionate about their work as much as we are at SCS. We wish his company all the success in the world! Peer through the photos below for a look at this excellent rig for Majesty.


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