Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame Trailer Wrap

The Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame is based out of Big Timber, MT and their mission is to “Honor our cowboy way of life, American Indian cultures and collective Montana Western heritage.”  Founded in 2003 and designated by Montana State Legislature, the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center (MCHF & WHC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Through the delivery of programs and services, we work to realize the fulfillment of our state-wide mission at the local community level.  Through our network of trustees, members and volunteers, the notable contributions of those that have come before us are being preserved and passed forward as important educational symbols for the benefit of future generations.

Through the expansion and growth of this fine organization, the committee and trustees purchased a world-class gooseneck trailer that would travel the countryside to market the message and goal of the MCHF and WHC.  With this purchase came the idea to fully wrap this trailer and showcase all that embodies the organization in a truly detailed design.   Thus, SCS Wraps was awarded and tasked with the project.   This trailer is 44′ in length and was a large undertaking to fully wrap.  It truly took every member of our team to complete and the final product speaks for itself.  The design, look, and professional installation are what set SCS Wraps apart.  We specialize in quality design, print clarity, and professional installation.  This trailer wrap will be a centerpiece for years to come and we truly thank Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame for the opportunity to work with them.  Keep your eyes peeled for this beautiful trailer as it will be at western events all over the state of Montana.





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