Montana State University Basketball Wall Wraps

Montana State University Men’s Basketball did some major upgrades to their locker room this past winter, and spring.  One of the highlight pieces of this remodel was having us wrap a large portion of the walls for the entryway, and main wall.  The idea behind this project was to keep player morale high, and showcase the important history of the program. This project was very detailed, and took a lot of design time to make sure everything fit properly, and looked unique.  The installation process was as equally detailed.  The 3M 480 material requires specific tools, and pressure sensitive heat to apply properly.  The end result is a material that conforms deep into the concrete block texture, and has the appearance of paint.  It is an incredible product, and we look forward to showcasing it more when we wrap the entire Men’s Football Locker Room in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!


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