Ressler Chevrolet Wood Grain Vinyl

Ressler Chevrolet, in Bozeman, MT, received a request from Chevrolet USA to re-brand the interior look of their showroom.  The request was to change out the color of all wood grain furniture, desks, doors, etc.  In an effort to save them a considerable amount of money, our team was able to match the wood grain color that was requested with a 3M Di-Noc Architectural Wood Grain Pattern. 

The original pattern is on the right, and the new, finished look is on the left.  This solution saved Ressler upwards of $50,000.00 and will last indefinitely, as the material is very durable, and thick.  Overall, we are very excited to have been able to help out our great client, and we look forward to the next challenging project soon.

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