Tear It Up Ford Truck Wrap

Tear It Up, a Bozeman, Montana based Document Shredding Service, contacted SCS Wraps recently to design a unique wrap to showcase their business on the owners personal Ford Pickup Truck.  The reason they wanted to wrap this vehicle was because of the mileage it sees traveling around the state for jobs and recreation.  He wanted a flashy design that showcased his business but definitely was professional.  The photos below speak for themselves.  The truck before it was wrapped was a chocolate brown color and now it is a glossy black finish that stands out like you would not believe in the sunlight!  Overall, our client was more then impressed when he first saw his vehicle rolled out of our install bay!  If you are interested in a look similar to Tear It Up’s vehicle below, please be sure to contact our friendly and talented design staff at info@scswraps.com or (406) 585-2635!  Thank you Tear It Up for the valued business!

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