Porsche GT3 Race Car Wrap

Tim Salveson, the owner of TRS Consulting in Redwood City, California contacted SCS Wraps to create a new look for his Porsche GT3 and protect it at the same time.  Track days can be tough on the cars paint and he wanted to protect it from the flying rubber and other debris on the track.  Using 3M 1080 Dark Gray as a base layer and 3M ij180cv3 unlimited blue overlays we created a unique one off GT3 that Tim has always wanted.

This Porsche GT3 can be seen diving in and out of corners at Sears Point Raceway and Laguna Seca Raceway every chance it can.  Take a look at the pics and let us know your thoughts.  If you are looking for a creative solution for any vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact the SCS Wraps team today! or 406-585-2635.




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