Used Furniture Store Vehicle Wrap

Used Furniture Store here in Bozeman, MT has been a long time client of ours here at SCS Wraps.  Their business has grown leaps, and bounds as they pride themselves on selling top quality, restored used furniture.  If you have some time, stop by their showroom, and check out the inventory.  You will be impressed.  As their business continues to grow, so does their need for moving vehicles.  This new box truck was recently purchased, and it was completely white.  The idea was to black the ENTIRE truck out in Matte Black vinyl, and then overlay gloss 3M decals.  The end result was a total transformation.  This should truly stand out from the pack, and be seen by thousands of people on a daily basis.

We’ll be wrapping their second box truck here very soon.  For more information on our vehicle wrap capabilities, please contact our Sales Team today  info@scswraps.com.





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